So You Want to Learn Microblading – Nail Techs

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT – To all Nail Techs who want to “learn MicroBlading”– Get your $10,000.00 ready! (and a beverage–this is going to be a long one!)  If you are not a nail technician, just substitute your discipline into the story–for example if you’re an esthetician, think about someone taking a 2-day peel class and thinking “hey I could do some great facials.” Or if you’re a stylist, think about a 2-day balayage training. You get the idea.

There are gobs of videos going around showing how great MicroBlading is…it’s talked about in salons across the nation. It looks really easy to do! Just draw in better brows than they have!

Nail techs have a good eye for symmetry, and we have good eye-hand

Karen Hodges at PMU Training Jan, 2016.

coordination. And we work with color all the time! Right? “I bet I could totally rock this” you think. “And my clients are asking about it, so why not? Hey! there are even a TON of trainers in my state! I could easily take a 2-day course and then I could do some bangin’ brows!” HOLD THE PRESS!

First of all, how would you feel if a lot of oh—I don’t know—tattoo artists started saying they could take a 2-day Pink & White Sculpture course and whip up some excellent nails? You’d laugh them out the door, right? Well guess what? Tattoo artists are not laughing at nailtechs who think they can take a couple days at learning an advanced technique and capitalize on a high-ticket item for which they’ve spent years investing in training to do! They are angry at all the botch jobs that people come crying to them for any kind of improvement (some are “unfixable!) If you think MB is a good idea for you, then here’s what you need to know.

1. Microblading (MB) is NOT a salon service–Boards of Cosmetology in most states won’t touch it because you break the skin. It is a para-medical procedure governed by the Board of Health in most states under the Tattoo Licensing. The BoH is MUCH more stringent about what they will and will not allow…and guess what? They don’t allow tattooing in a place where there is airborne hair and particulates–like nail dust! Sounds like a salon, right?

2. MB is NOT appropriate for many people–skin type, health considerations and a dozen other informed decisions must be made before the service is ever booked!

3. MB is an ADVANCED technique of implanting pigment in the skin–it is a direct application of the ancient art of hand tattooing. There are many considerations that must be made for successful implantation of pigment 1) must be in the correct layers of the skin–can you easily determine which skin cell separates the “correct” layer from the “incorrect ones? NO! It takes much skill! 2) pigment color choices–yes you may have an excellent understanding of color theory and a good eye for color matching, but do you understand that you will be viewing the pigment THROUGH the skin! Not on top of it! You need to understand what blood and skin cells and oxidation and UV exposure will do to the pigments. 3) Proper after care is vital. Do you know when you should recommend “dry healing” versus a treatment of some sort? No? Because you need training in skin/wound care. There are many more considerations: what about pregnancies? what about medications? what about health conditions? What about lifestyle? and so on.

4. SADLY there is a wave of shysty 2-day trainers popping up everywhere. They charge about $1000 a day for wretched “training” that is actually illegal in many cases–did you know that trainers are required by law to license every training venue as a legal and inspected “tattoo establishment” in order to train? Many states allow for this to be done on a temporary basis…but it does need to be done! These “hotel is not announced until a couple of days before” the training…or the location is changed AFTER you pay…is a clear indication that the venue is not legal. Many times, the training is a “demo” of you watching the trainer…and no foundation work to build upon.

There are more concerns. If you would like to read the story of one person who was totally ripped off by her so-called “training” here is a link that will help you avoid her mistakes: 13 Tips to Avoid Wasting Money on PMU /Microblading Training

If after this, you still think MB might be a good path for your career–here’s what you need to do.

1. Save up about $10K to get a good quality training. You’ll need about 100 hours of “core” education in permanent cosmetics/tattooing before you venture into advanced technique specialties.

2. Research the trainers – there are organizations which certify trainers– the Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals, the American Academy of Micropigmentation and the American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics. Once you find one of their trainers in your area, ask to see their students’ HEALED work…it makes a big difference! Many, many have tried MBing, only to find it looks great immediately after, but in 6 weeks, it’s jacked up.

3. Plan on opening a new space to perform MB in. Your tattooing area will need to be completely closed off from salon contaminates.

If after all that, you still think MB is for you, please feel free to contact me…I will be glad to refer you to some REPUTABLE groups on FB (there are many that allow “back yarders”.)

This has been a public service announcement. You may now return to your regular programming!