Voice Your Opinion–Your Elected Legislators Need Your Input

Our legislators do their very best to represent their constituents. I feel they truly do have a calling to give up their private lives, their professional standing and careers in order to represent us in our government. They are bright and knowledgeable and hopefully wise! They are not all-knowing, however, and they need our input so they can make informed decisions on our behalf.

It is your duty as a citizen to be involved in your own governance. If you don’t like a proposed law or administrative ruling, then let your elected leaders know it! Take a few minutes to write a professional letter, respectfully explaining your concerns. It’s easier than ever to find their address these days–just search the internet for their contact information.

Florida is only one of the many states currently considering deregulation of many professions. Take a moment to search the term “deregulation legislation [my state]” and you might be amazed at what your elected officials are working on currently. Get involved in your own government….

…Write your Senator, today!