Cheryl Miller brings a very fresh approach to wellness by fusing her passions of Fitness, Massage, Skincare, and Energy Healing together. She calls it “Fitness for your Face.”

Cheryl served in the Air Force for 22 years as Cardio Respiratory Therapist and then as a Group Fitness Instructor around the world and on cruise ships for the past 30 years. After seeing too many body workers breaking down from repetitive motions injuries, she developed and teaches her “Seated Yoga for Estheticians,” both live and online. A Massage Therapist for the past 20 years, she combined her love of Yoga and Massage to develop and teach her signature YoMa™ Massage, a 100% Hands, Deep Tissue Massage technique, teaching therapists to work smarter and not harder. Cheryl is a Master Esthetician and Owner of The Zen Lounge and Zen Institute in Seattle Washington. Her signature Zen Facelift Facial, won 2016 “Best Facial in Seattle.”

Currently, Cheryl is touring the US teaching her “Zen Facelift Retreats,” growing her online library for continuing education and working on her Budda Butter™ Skincare line.

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Seated Yoga for Body Workers

7 Easy Steps to Create Your Own Private Label

Warm Stone Acupressure

GuaSha Facial Sculpting

Closing Rituals:

      Indian Scalp Massage                   Thai Neck Release

       Scar Tissue Remodeling              Reflexology for the Ears

Mastering Marketing and Advertising

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Omg! I just saw your zen facial massage info! I've been searching for facial, neck and shoulder relief massage and I think this is it! I want to take the class.

We hope you enjoy the fabulous techniques you'll learn in this course!
Best wishes from the Salon Gurus!