Salon Gurus – Upgrades Courses and Delivery Software

December 19, 2017, Fort Myers, FL. — Co-Founders Janet McCormick and Karen Hodges are thrilled to announce significant upgrades.

Salon Guru, Janet McCormick shares that the Salon Gurus website has recently undergone a strategic upgrade. “We have incorporated  software that increases the security of our website, as well as provides a higher-quality delivery of our content.”  Her partner, Karen Hodges, has been working with Claudio Barbieri, of Page 1 Ranking, their talented web-server host, over the last few months on a number of projects. “We are so pleased to work with Claudio,” states Hodges, “because he exceeds our expectations every time we present him with a challenge.”

“We have been working on these upgrades and revisions since early last summer. We’ve gone through each course and added hundreds of graphics and images. We’ve re-voiced the sound. We’ve added embedded videos for better learning…and so much more, ” says Hodges.

Not only are the courses themselves better – have been re-mixed and expanded – but the delivery systems are better, as well. Some of the upgrades now in place and functioning are:

  • Increased security measures to protect the courses entrusted to us by our contributing Gurus
  • New delivery templates for our PowerPoint presentations – now it’s possible to search an entire course for key words or phrases
  • The new PowerPoint templates also allow the viewer to control the play back–pause, skip ahead or go backward, full screen, volume control and more
  • Higher quality sound – now all our programs have crisp, sharp audio
  • Better responsiveness – our courses now function very well on a number of devices: from desk top computers down to the smallest smart device
  • Compatibility across various browsers has been improved – we have tested our programs for performance with a number of popular web browsers

To celebrate the “re-launch” of several courses that were re-published just this week the Gurus are offering $20 off any of the following 4 courses:

  • Brow Waxing with Hard Wax
  • Salon Success: Subtle Marketing
  • LASER Care by Nail Technicians
  • Nail Technicians Working with Physicians

To enroll in these courses, go to the website product page, add them to your cart, then apply the Coupon Code:  TAKE-20 to receive $20 off.  Click here to view the entire list of courses available at Salon-Gurus.