For those seeking excellent online education for salon, we have an innovative new offering–a course that includes all licensing categories! If you provide personal services for your clients, you need this information to protect your clients, your co-workers and yourself.



Singular training for Estheticians: Skin Analysis, Waxing, Lash Extensions, Brow and Lash Tinting, Corrective Skin Care & more.



Advanced nail care techniques that will take your career to a whole different level with new skills that’re quickly bankable.


Learn how to set yourself apart from the ordinary with techniques that make your business extraordinary.


I highly recommend this website. It was great to be able to just pop in and out and pick up where I left off whenever I wanted to. I’m looking forward to taking more classes with Salon gurus for sure. Thank you!

-Kristine Johnson


Lora Condon, Elite Estheticians

International award-winning Elite Esthetican, Lora Condon shares her 20 years of knowledge on marketing, esthetics, business tactics and insider knowledge through her Elite Esthetician classes. Many find they get an immediate return on investment once implementing her strategies.


Antoinette Haynes, Serenity Suite Skin Care Training

Salon owner and educator Antoinette Haynes, will teach you all about the ancient art of threading. Antoinette has been threading since 2009 and has created a fundamental training course of several modules to unlock the mysteries of why this service is favored the world over.


Denise Baich, The Pedicure Plus

Denise Baich a veteran nail technician, ANT (Advanced Nail Technician) and MNT (Medical Nail Technician) pioneered the collaboration of nail technicians working with foot care physicians as she helped open and manage one of the very first Foot Spas in the U.S. She took this knowledge and created a template for creating successful collaborative relationships between the beauty and medical communities. Denise is currently in the process of her second joint venture in St. Louis, Missouri.


Millie Haynam

Salon owner and all-around beauty industry Guru Millie Haynam Prebel offers several courses with proven techniques that will help you create and maintain a demand for your services in your community.

Her offerings are in CD and online formats available here at Salon Gurus as well as her own website at Beauty Expert – for Everything Beauty


The Salon Gurus website is very easy to navigate, so that makes it easier for less technical people to participate! Thanks!

-Denise Tonkinson

ARE YOU A SALON GURU? (Do you want to be one?)

Signing on with Salon Gurus

We welcome any inquiries about the steps needed to become a “Salon Guru.” Salon Gurus is a web-based educational platform utilizing the best security features possible. We can host your online education for salon professionals on our secure server, located in Fort Myers, near our office. Since we started working with them in 2014, it has an excellent track record with no outages. Never down…always working!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to get started…

…but then the work begins!

Step 1 Sign a mutual Confidentiality Agreement – this is a simple agreement that says “We will not talk about the details of your business and you will not share the details of ours.”  Good fences make good neighbors and we feel it’s best to set boundaries in writing when conducting business.

Step 2 Discuss the details and set expectations – a frank conversation where we share what we can provide for you: basically we will host your content, provide order fulfillment and website technical support.  All questions will be answered before moving to the next step…including what we charge for these services.

Step 3 Sign a Contract for Services – we have a pretty straightforward Contract for Service we will send you. We recommend you submit it for review with your legal beagle before signing. Feel free to ask about any unclear items—with no hesitation. When we’re all in accord, we’ll sign you up…and get started!

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