Salon Gurus Introduces a New Guru – Cheryl Miller

A finalist in the 2017 Skin Games, Cheryl Miller introduces her award-winning Zen Facelift Facial­tm to the world of esthetics and massage  

Salon Gurus announces the addition of a new guru to their ranks, Cheryl Miller, a 30-year massage therapist and fitness trainer, as well as a 20-year esthetician. Miller is a highly respected trainer in both the esthetic and massage industries. Under her educational brand, The Zen Institute, she released her first three online classes and is excited to add many more from her treasure trove of expertise.

“I am a lifetime learner and love to pass on information to fellow professionals through both live and online training,” says Miller. Her first course offered on is Introduction to Manual Lymphatic Drainage, a skill she believes every esthetician should know.  “The purpose of manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is to move fluid out of your tissues into lymph nodes, a great advantage in all facials that pushes an esthetician’s work up to an entirely new level,” she says. This home study course is an introduction to this exceptional and effective art.

The second program she’s introducing is Facial Cupping, a treatment that improves circulation, strengthens skin and connective tissues, stimulates fibroblast cells responsible for collagen and elastin production, visibly reduces fine lines and deeper wrinkles and tones the chin, jawline, neck and décolletage,” says Miller. Miller feels Facial Cupping is an advanced manual lymphatic drainage technique, so she is bundling the two courses together, with MLD being a prerequisite to the Facial Cupping.  The treatment is also very unique and will be attractive to clients who want to something that is immediately corrective and will plump, tighten, tone and detox their skin.

The third course Miller is launching is her signature Zen Facelift Facial, a product-neutral technique that combines skincare, massage and fitness into an innovative, effective, and holistic approach to anti-aging skincare. Estheticians will achieve results-oriented therapeutic results with this very versatile facial that will elevate and separate them from all other skincare specialists.

Miller is a sole proprietor in the Zen Lounge in Puyallup, WA, where she and her protégé offer exclusive signature services. She also travels the county to teach her Zen Facelift Retreat and loves having small group settings in private spas to create an intimate learning environment with plenty of hands on training. She is currently arranging her 2018 schedule so if you are interested in hosting a retreat at your spa, contact her at [email protected] or call her at (253) 225-1649.

We are proud and happy to offer Cheryl’s knowledge and expertise through courses for estheticians and massage therapists on our outstanding educational platform,” says Karen Hodges, Salon Gurus Co-Founder along with Janet McCormick. “Miller’s courses, as well as others, are immediately available at Come check us out!”