Salon Gurus Announces a New Guru, Antoinette Haynes

Fundamentals of Threading – Unleashed — Threading expert Antoinette Haynes adds a new course on threading to the offerings at Salon Gurus

antoinette-haynes-salon-gurus-threading-coverDecember 21, 2017, Fort Myers, FL – Salon Gurus, LLC, an online educational platform, announces a new guru, Antoinette Haynes, Serenity Suite Skin Care, Greensboro, NC. Haynes is a highly regarded trainer in the art of threading, an all-natural depilation technique. She has been performing this skill since 2009, teaching it since 2014 and has many highly skilled graduates. Her Fundamentals of Threading – Unleashed training program presents a Certificate of Completion to those who complete the requirements.

The art of threading is said to originate from the Middle East thousands of years ago and to have been a practice for special events for women in certain cultures. It did not become a practice of hair removal in the West to any degree until the early 20th century. It is a unique and interesting hair removal technique that uses inexpensive cotton thread, twisted and rolled along the surface of the skin which entwines the hairs in the thread. The hairs are then lifted out from the follicle. It is said to be more precise than waxing as well as less painful. Traditionally, threading is used on the entire face, including upper lip, chin, eyebrows, sideburns and cheeks, but it can also be utilized anywhere the client has hair he/she wishes removed, such as the arms, legs and bikini area and so on.

Haynes attended a demo of threading and immediately fell in love with this service that is growing in popularity in the USA. She persevered and found a class – there are very few – and then she practiced on her fellow esthetic students, her family—anyone she could get to sit down! She became efficient, proficient and fast, and it has been a great service for her appreciative and large clientele.

Offering hands-on training, Haynes holds small training classes at her location or travels to teach on-site for salons and spas. Her next step to introduce the service to beauty professionals is to offer her modules to curious estheticians and cosmetologists online with Salon Gurus. “I want to alleviate the mystery surrounding threading and show interested professionals how great it can be as a service in their practices,” says Haynes.

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To discuss a hands-on training program, contact Antoinette Haynes at [email protected]

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