This safety training course is meant for all professionals with clients who are seeking cosmetic services, grooming, massage therapy, spray tanning or other personal services.

We need to work at “higher than the minimum” standards set by our regulatory boards – the regulations were written long ago in a different world.  What worked to protect our clients (as well as ourselves) is no longer acceptable with the airborne pathogens we are dealing with today.

New situation – new rules are needed. This very detailed course will bring you completely up to date with your working knowledge of safe practices, proper use of PPEs, levels of sanitation, disinfection and sterilization, and much more.

Forever access to this course means that as updated information becomes available, you will always have the latest information as the course is updated over time. This is invaluable.

There are some purchase options providing for group discounts.  Please call Karen Hodges at 305-304-1107 to discuss your options for larger groups.

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Safety Training for the Beauty Industry
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 14 reviews
 by Denise Baich

This course was a tremendous help and support for reopening in May! It gave us the confidence to roll forward with our client and team members safety in mind. It was also great marketing material! My clients would often mention that their stylist had no direction on how to move forward so we would discuss this program and I would share the link! It is a great resource for our industry and gave our clients peace of mind during a very stressful and unclear time.

We are so gratified to hear you, your staff, and your clients are all benefiting from the research done. Best wishes for continued health and success, Denise!

 by Allison Stout

I thoroughly enjoyed this learning technique. I truly enjoyed listening to the both of you ladies. I learned quite a bit. I’m going to visit my course until all info is drilled into my head. It was so interesting!

I love education and as an ANT/MNT, I want refresher courses as well as other higher learning for myself which is then used for the client's benefit.

We are so glad to have your feedback on our delivery method - this was a new technique for us and we're glad it works! Thanks, Allison!

 by Kimberly Nobles

Best thing I ever did for myself , my clients and my career as a nail technician!  You guys are the best!

So glad you found the course beneficial, Kimberly!

 by Cecilia G. Bustamante

Excellent information! Everybody in the beauty industry should be like a shark after all this information! Makes you more confident going back to work knowing you are doing everything possible to stay healthy and keep your clients and family safe.

Thank you so much Cecilia - we appreciate your help in making this course as smooth-running as possible!

 by Michele Baker

This course is designed to update and inform salons and professional to the new way of working. It highlights the importance of why we must now reach for a higher standard than the basic minimum that has been required in the past. State Boards, and other over sight entities will be raising the bar and this course can set beauty professional on the path to be ready before the new rules are in place.

Thank you, Michele - you stated our exact mission for our pros!

 by Beth Stoddard

This was wealth of knowledge both in regards to reviewing and implementing updated standards of practice in sanitation for the modern day salon or spa. This system applies to both solo technicians as well as a whole team. A very thorough approach in standardizing protocols to apply universally across the board in all treatments from start to finish and in between. This is what is needed to bridge the gap between the utmost level of sanitation and what currently occurs due to lack of education or know how. I come from a medical background and feel this is absolutely imperative for technicians to learn due to the public health aspect of our licensure and safety. Unfortunately, many technicians aren't taught anymore than basic principles for minimal licensing requirements.

Thank you for your feedback - we appreciate your point of view from a nursing background. It's gratifying knowing our efforts are meeting the mark, Beth.

 by Jessica Mevissen

Taking this certification course was perfectly timed. I will be returning to the salon in a week after being out for 8+ weeks due to COVID-19. It reminded me of the importance of cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing, but on an elevated level. There has to be more self care as well. Very helpful ideas re: how to make the client feel safe in the salon, at ease that you are concerned for their well being as well as your own.

Jessica, so glad for your input. Best wishes as you move forward!

 by Lydian Flash

This course was very informative. I highly recommend this course.
The format of the class and educational information was extremely professional and easy to follow.
Thank you for providing this opportunity to us.

You are most welcome, Lydian...and thank you for your feedback on the Course Survey.

 by Kim Burns

This course is a must do for new technicians whether you do nails, hair, esthetics, massage or any other body service and for seasoned professionals to renew and update knowledge for the safe operation of your salon, spa or shop from here forward. Thank you for making this available for the betterment of our industry.

Thank you so much, Kim, for your feedback! And congrats on earning our first Certificate!

 by Denise Baich

Awesome course!!! HIGHLY recommend! It gives our industry NEED this one under your belt and added to your resources TODAY!

Thanks, so much, Denise! Means so much to us both.

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