Safety First – Not Just Words!

Esthetician Tiffany Styles Dax recently had a conversation with a friend who was recommending a certain waxing establishment which utilized wax rollers in their services. She has something to say about the safe use of wax rollers!

“Wax rollers can be a very effective and safe method of waxing large areas,” Dax shares. “I use them myself in my practice…but I use them strictly as single-use cartridges that are disposed of after each client.”

“A friend of mine was telling me that her friend just took a position as an esthetician for a Tampa, FL, establishment and they ‘cleaned the rollers very thoroughly.’ This is unacceptable! You can clean the rollers all you want, but the contamination still happens.

“Let me show you why you shouldn’t let anyone wax you with roll on wax cartridges and then not throw them away after every client. Our bodies have dead skin and bacteria that lives on it, when this wax is rolled on it picks up dead skin and that then falls down in the wax in the roller. It’s unsanitary to use on multiple people. Not to mention STDs and skin infections. Ever heard of MRSA??? There is no way to kill it down in the wax, and cleaning the roller head isn’t going to help. It’s why you don’t double dip with sticks, same concept. It’s why you only use them for large areas–not clean up small areas or keep using them all day/week long. These should be tossed after each client.

Video clip showing wax roller over coffee grounds

“So I urge you all to educate yourselves on what professionals are doing. I know we are supposed to trust the professional, it’s their job, but that’s not always 100% true in all cases. Sometimes they do not know any better. This is not a professional video and not meant to be, this is an educational visual to show my point.

“If you are an esthetician just starting out be wise and careful who you choose as a mentor to help you learn.”

Tiffany Styles Dax is a Florida Licensed Esthetician of nine years. She is an Aveda graduate and loves her career: “I feel very passionate about the Esthetics field. People are becoming more aware of their health and skin which is truly growing our practices. It’s amazing, the kind of help and results we can offer people!”