Researching a Proper Permanent Makeup Class


What you should look for when researching a proper permanent makeup class.

By guest author, Will Anthony

First thing: if your trainer has 10 classes in different states they must be licensed in salon_gurus_pmueach one of those states. Make sure you do your research. Make sure that your trainer has a tattoo license, if needed, and also has trainers insurance.

What is included? Make sure that your trainer can send you pictures of the machine that is included with your class, if one is included. Research that machine and make sure that it has a legitimate support system. Make sure that the needles and other parts are easily accessible. If the tattoo machine you are getting does not have a serial number on it it is a total piece of crap. Call the machine company and tell them you are taking a class including their machine make sure they actually have customer support.

All machines should have a warranty. I would suggest never paying for a machine with cash–always on a credit card to protect yourself. There are a ton of people buying crap from China, changing the color, giving it a fancy name and overcharging people with no customer service. If your machine is on Ali Baba then run.

If this is going to be your first permanent makeup class it must be longer than 3 or 4 days and most definitely should be hands-on with multiple models.

Do not book a class because your trainer has a lot of Instagram followers and wears fancy clothes and post pics of expensive handbags.

Don’t fall for cheap gimmicks and marketing.

Do not pay your deposit or pay for your class until your trainer tells you the exact location of the class. Never pay for a class that says “location to be announced.” If your training is in a hotel, contact the hotel and make sure that they know tattooing will be held on their premises. Some hotels require a 5 million to 10 million dollar insurance policy to tattoo on their premises–especially if it’s corporate.

If your class is in a hotel, most likely it’s a fail.  Every location where tattoo is done, even in a class for no pay, must be a properly inspected and licensed tattoo establishment.  Hotel rooms do not meet the requirements of proper tattoo establishments. Some classrooms might be able to pass the inspection.

Make sure you see all licenses and permits before your class. Tattooing illegally in some states is a felony. Doing a class in a hotel is legal as long as it is properly inspected and permitted by the county or state.

Do your research. Find out how long the trainer has been working in skin with ink and ask to see their personal healed work as well as some of their students. If they can’t show you tons of their own work, they have no idea how their methods will hold up. Don’t let someone who has no idea train you.

Our industry has become almost a reality show. People will sell you anything to make money.

This is probably the most important point on this post: Do not pay for any permanent makeup classes ever in cash. DO NOT PAY CASH – EVER.

I see so many people complain about how they got robbed by trainers. If you follow this list, it will never happen. If you do not do the homework yourself, you should not complain. Don’t trust anyone–it is your right to make sure that it is legitimate.

Will Anthony has been tattooing and training permanent makeup over 20 years, first in New Jersey and now full time in Southwest Florida at Will Anthony Permanent Cosmetics and Advanced Training Center