Minnesota Modernizes Cosmetology Rules

In a much-needed revamping process, Minnesota is one of the states looking to bring Cosmetology rules and regulations up to speed. As of 2015 the hours needed to achieve a license were increased to:

  • COSMETOLOGY INSTRUCTOR LICENSE: Cosmetology Lic. + 1400 Hours Work Exp. + 38 Training Hours + 3 Exams
  • HAIR BRAIDER LICENSE: 30 Hours (Sanitation Course)
  • BARBER COURSE: Contact MM Barbering Board

And finally, MN is one of the few states to include PMU in the Board of Cosmetology purview (most states oversee permanent  makeup under “tattoo” regulation by the state’s medical board.)


They are just getting started, however; as of August 2017 MN’s inspections resources will be doubled and a new, more stringent schedule of violation penalties will be put into place.

This is a much needed move to bring cosmetology regulations into alignment with the real-world issues the inadequate inspection staff deals with. One official said it was quite common to walk into a salon only to have workers flee the premises, leaving clients with half done services. Or to observe them throwing “things” into the trash. At present, only about 40% of all MN salons are inspected, but officials hope doubling the number of inspectors on the street will give adequate coverage for annual inspections.

One of the best things to come from this revision is clear, concise language describing exactly what is meant by the new regulations; for example, what is infection control, precisely, and which implements are illegal (razors, rasps and other “cutting” tools). This is an excellent change in the Minnesota salon environment, and those who embrace these changes and make them a positive selling point will find clients are happy to patronize these establishments.

To read more about this story in Minnesota, follow the link here.

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