How to Make Money as an Esthetician – Part 2


More words of wisdom from waxing Guru, Amber Henson. Look for Part 1 posted on May 12.

Boundaries! Set boundaries from the get-go with clients. ALL NEW CLIENTS should get an email in regards to policies that covers everything from cancelations, reschedules, sick cancelations etc. Are children allowed in your business and if so in what capacity? If not put it in your policies email.

Enforce your policies. Use an online scheduling system so that you can actually follow through and charge the person if they break your rules!! Don’t complain about no-shows/late cancels if you don’t have a security net to back yourself up. Remember this is your business not a hobby. Business is business and nobody messes with my money!

Set the tone for your business from the first interaction. If a new client shows up 15 minutes late and they are booked for 30 minutes are you going to still get them in??? My answer is NO! On principal alone I am not taking this client! They don’t respect my time or my pre-appointment email that clearly states “If you are running late you need to call in order to see if I can get you in late or if you need to reschedule. I book a certain amount of time for your specific appointment and if you aren’t on time it would cut into the next client’s appointment” which, by the way, I refuse to do. I refuse to be late for clients because someone earlier in the day was late! This client may actually be someone who is usually prompt and being late it’s a once-in-a-blue-moon situation, but that one time—the first time—sets the tone for the entire working relation.

DON’T FEEL BAD ABOUT CHARGING FOR YOUR SERVICES! If you turn out an amazing brow don’t charge $10 for it! Charge $20+ and have pics to back up your awesome brow-worthiness. If your Brazilians are amazing and clients love having them done with you, stop charging $40! If you pay for education to become amazing at a service you need to recoup that money and charging what you are worth is important! If you are putting out amazing results and you want clients to respect you and pay you what you are worth, you want to put that out into the universe! Wealth attracts wealth! When I increased my brow prices, I started getting more brow clients who were totally fine paying the $25 for brows and they book out in advance. My facials range $110$-200 (I recently increased again) and clients don’t bat an eye at my prices because they actually see results and find the worth in my treatments!

Do not look to other businesses for your pricing. You need to price based on your skills, your education, your products, etc. You have bills to pay and families to support. You aren’t going to get very far charging $8 brow waxes working like a crazy person. Work smarter not harder. I charge 15-100% more than any business in my area and I am booked. You need to stop the thoughts of “oh I want clients to be able to afford me” and “my work is not good enough.” Thoughts like these actually push wealth away from you and prevent you from making money. Try positive affirmations! How can you expect clients to love you and your work and pay you $175 for a facial if you aren’t 100% sure of yourself or your work?

Learn to set realistic expectations for the services from first interaction. If you don’t, you will regret it. If you’re sick of doing treatments and clients going home, using drugstore crap and complaining you aren’t fixing their skin, then stop offering services to clients who refuse to purchase your products and/or follow other recommended advice! Same thing with hair removal. Deny clients who won’t purchase products to prevent ingrown hairs yet complain they have ingrown hairs. Require new clients to purchase products. Simple! If clients go home and use random crap on their skin post-hair removal it’s a recipe for disaster and it’s your ass on the line. Why allow this to happen?

Remember—boundaries! Stop treating your business like a hobby. Learn the business, work the business. Your business, your rules! And re-read all of the above until you get it!

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