It’s a Journey!

by Karen Hodges

Two friends (I would say “old friends” but I think Janet would smack me!) traveled to a regional nail tech networking event the summer of 2014. Driving worked out the best, so, yeah…road trip!

Janet McCormick has been a mentor throughout my esthetics career. I attended her week-long, hands-on “Survival Skills for Estheticians” and learned so much from it, I attended a second round. She’s been a reliable source of contributions and quotable quotes for the articles I’ve written over the years and our loose collaboration on a piece here or there has kept me in touch with her. My interest in advancing and elevating nail technicians from the “red-headed step-child” of the salon has kept her on my radar via the ANT program.

As we drove along, various topics came up…and Janet’s comment was always, “I have a course I wrote about that…”

Finally, I looked her in the eye and asked, “Just how many courses have you written?” Her answer was, “Umm, “I don’t really know–but lots!” So I said, “Well, we need to get them out there for people!”

So it seemed natural that somewhere in Georgia our talk turned to “what do you want to do next?”  Well, I told her I’ve had this dream for a number of years that there would be some way for the salon artists that have helped me along the way to somehow be able to gather their wisdom, package it and let it give a little back to them while being available to the techs who need it.

I have had so many Gurus, and their collective knowledge base is an awesome thing. It’s too bad it’s so scattered; not every newly-licensed technician has had my great fortune in bumping into some of the industry’s best just when I needed to learn a new skill. I told her that I wanted to figure out a way to somehow get something organized so people could find what they want without resorting to freebies on YouTube that hold back all the good stuff.  My vision is a platform where the best in the industry can collect and catalog and showcase their knowledge and be financially rewarded by their appreciative followers.

“Like you, for instance…how can we somehow present your courses?  And what about others…there are so many who have amazing knowledge…”  And that is when Janet said, “How about we put your dream together with mine? Several years ago I decided I wanted to put up a website with videos, books and information from knowledgeable people of the industry for the same reason as you! It never happened…. but I think now it can! Let’s do it!”

And the idea for Salon Gurus germinated and grew–just like that! I couldn’t wait to get to the hotel and WiFi so I could register a domain name!  That was a really great weekend–there was a ton of great nail tech shop talk, Salon Gurus was coming together…the more we talked and dreamed and schemed…the more enraptured by the possibilities we became.

We worked hard all summer to develop a website with an awesome webmaster, create Facebook accounts and the structure for a community of nail care, skin care and salon success learning. We produced several educational presentations (several more are in various stages of development) and we’ve tossed the idea out to a few of the experts in the industry we admire and have heard enthusiastic “OMG! I want to be a Guru!” responses.  We’re getting awesome ideas and are eager to get going with many.

When things come together so perfectly…you know you’re on an amazing journey in the right direction. Come along with us…