Ground Yourself!


“Super Esthie” Leslyn Zak has some excellent information to share with us about the importance of grounding yourself – especially in our “hands on” work, we need to be centered and grounded in order to do out best for our clients.

The State of Being Grounded: How to Get There

Energy is intense right now, do you feel it? Is whack stuff going on in your world? It’s no wonder, with six planets going in and out of retrograde and the lunar eclipse coming up on July 27 is said to be the most powerful in 120 years. I took a salt bath and used my Tuning Forks and crystals yesterday to balance and calm myself. I still feel it but I’m tolerant. Here are some easy ways to ground yourself anytime, anywhere.

At the Institute of Energetic Esthetics, the basis of my most popular courses, Biodynamic Lymphatic Drainage and Client Loyalty Through Dermaplaning, I emphasize the absolute need to be grounded in order to perform both services. What does it mean to be grounded? The following will answer that question and teach you much more about this state of being and how it can assist you at work and in life. There are three aspects of practice to combine to achieve a grounded state of being. Deep breathing, placing anchors, and a felt body sense.

First, open up by expanding the capacity and duration of the breath. Take several deep breaths as your feet are placed firmly on the floor. Let the air fill you, starting deep in your belly and continue to fill the space up to your throat. At the moment where no more air can be added, pause there 1-3 seconds (or more) and then, allow the air to escape past your lips from the top down. Practice a momentary hold again at the emptiness of air, before filling the belly with the next deep breath. Do this at least three times. Consequently, this type of breathing is excellent for melting and/or softening fascia tissue. When you do synchronized deep breathing with a client, it also serves to connect both of you, putting you on the same energetic page, so to speak. I read somewhere that synchronized breathing is one of the best ways to energetically connect with another person. The author was referring to breathing in sync with your partner, but the application here is still valid.

Second, establish anchors in the body. There are essentially three anchors, or chords, to set in place. The first is a connection to the ground through your feet and legs. We walk the earth but how often do we sense a connection with it? This simple act of connecting your feet to the ground consciously, is fantastic for grounding. Walk around barefoot outside in the grass or sand if you need extra special support. Second is your embryological center, located directly through your spine, out the crown chakra of the head and through the perineum at the root chakra. Envision this chord extending down into the earth and up into the heavens. The third anchor, is at the occipital ridge at the base of the skull. This place is referred to as the Confluence of Sinuses or Inion. This chord extends out diagonally down into the earth and works to increase perspective by allowing the head to be slightly pulled back. Perspective is everything in any situation, so this anchor can prove very important.

Finally, the third aspect of grounding is having a clear sensitivity in your body of what grounding feels like. Ask yourself, “Where in my body do I feel grounded? What does it feel like?” It could feel cool and heavy or warm and solid. What is important, is that you are experiencing this “felt body sense”. This experience is allowing you to be present in the moment and also allows your body, mind, and spirit to work together to provide you with information that enables you to access the state of being grounded. Once practiced, it becomes second nature to quickly achieve this state. The surest and quickest way to grounding is the felt body sense combined with the act of placing your anchors while deep breathing.

Anytime you are present in the moment, you are then able to move into a grounded state. Being present relies on experiencing how breath and anchors affect your physical presence and how the chords connect you to the higher self and the oneness of the Universe, while simultaneously supporting your physical existence on the earthly plane. When you are well grounded another amazing thing happens: a grounded person can hold space. The art of healing happens when the practitioner holds space for the client to heal themselves. A healer is not the source of healing, they are merely the tool for it. Holding space by being grounded creates opportunity for healing to naturally occur. Being grounded also allows you to safely open your heart so that you can be a tool for healing. An open heart is necessary for this, and being grounded is crucial for the energetic exchange to pass through your heart, into you hands, and onto your client.

No one taught this to us in Beauty School, I didn’t learn it until nineteen years into my practice and it has proven to be crucial information. Not only will this work well in serving clients, it will also become a life skill that can assist in many situations. We can protect ourselves best when grounded. It makes it possible to deflect other energies so we don’t absorb negativity or feel bombarded by outside influences. Intuition will come forth more easily when we are grounded as well. When making important life decisions, a grounded space will enhance your ability to decide upon the best course of action.

You now know the key to energy healing starts with the process of self grounding and holding space. I encourage you to share this skill set with your clients, friends, and family. It can be a real life saver in times of stress and uncertainty, because, we can create space to heal ourselves.

Lezlyn Zak is a licensed beauty professional of 24 years and hold certifications at level II for Reiki and for energy work with tuning forks. Her training programs are available at