“Glove Etiquette” – it’s a “Thing”


Glove Etiquette is made up of the various protocols and activities required in the safe and effective use of gloves as a PPE.

Have you noticed on TV the docs holding their newly gloved hands up in the air and awkwardly using their shoulders to push doors open? Yeah…that’s a thing because they don’t want to contaminate their new gloves with any crud that is on every single surface! Even more important is after the skin has been broken, you do not want to touch anything outside your work zone with a contaminated glove.

Gloves are very important barriers between you and pathogens. They are also important as barriers between YOUR CLIENT and pathogens….when used properly. I shudder when I see videos of gloved practitioners reaching into a supposedly sanitary container, or touching every cabinet door around them to get things…ugh!

Set up your work zone properly by dispensing enough disposables, product, prep materials, etc. every time in a Sanitary Materials Area (SMA). Many use a Mayo cart (tray on wheels) or similar hard surface tool holder. Dispense plenty of everything before the service — throwing away a few unused gauze pads is less than a penny…never put them back in with your new ones. If you have to get more out, take both your gloves off, properly turning the first one “inside out” as you pull it off, then holding it in the other hand and turning it inside out over the both of them, containing the contaminated surfaces inside the second glove. Reach over and get whatever you need to continue, then re-glove. Make it a habit to NEVER touch anything in your space wearing contaminated gloves. And nothing comes out of that area and back into the environment without being disinfected on the outsides.
Of course you are going to wipe down every surface after every service, but peace of mind knowing you are wiping away “normal” contamination from daily living instead of blood or blood serum from contaminated gloves is priceless.

Gloved hands? No touching anything but your immediate work materials and your client.