Educators & Demonstrators – Mind Your Ps & Qs!

If you are portraying yourself as an “Expert” at something….please take care to do [whatever] with some level of expertise!

Watching several “experts” demonstrate their product lines or skill sets, recently, we have observed some very fundamentally WRONG ways to do things. Here are the top 10 faux pas made by self-declared professionals who are demonstrating their services, skills and wares:

  1. Gloves. We shouldn’t have to say why any more. But please, stop  performing skin care procedures without gloves.  If you are demonstrating dermaplaning or microneedling…please stop handling your sharps with your bare hands. Please.
  2. Dispense the disposables you will need prior to the service – we abhor seeing a demonstrator reach into a drawer or container and pull out a cotton swab [etc.] in the middle of the service—without having sanitized their hands from the procedure they’re in the middle of showing!
  3. Stop reaching into your sanitary materials area with dirty hands before you begin–we saw several people reach over to pick up something to show camera with their unsanitized hands and return it to their work tray without cleaning it off.
  4. Stop touching everything in the room with your hands after they’ve been on the client’s skin….stop and wash or apply sanitizer. Did you KNOW you can use sanitizer on your gloved hands?
  5. Stop touching your skin and hair in the middle of a service! Tie that hair back if it tends to fall down in your face–by all means, keep it out of the work zone! If you have to stop and scratch your nose or flick something off your cheek–deglove first! Or use a tissue or a waxing stick or other disposable.
  6. Use fresh water between steps. Do NOT go back into the dirty water or use make-up laden sponges on the skin you’ve just exfoliated! Sponges are cheap. Use new ones.
  7. If you are using a piece of gauze to collect the extractions or the excess hair or skin cells from exfoliation, do NOT wipe the skin with that gauze!
  8. Stop wiping your dermablade or other sharp tools with your fingers–even if gloved! Use a piece of gauze or tissue.
  9. Actually know what you are talking about – know the fundamentals of the skill you are demonstrating — example, know for  a FACT if you should work in the direction of hair growth…or not!
  10. Actually know the anatomy and physiology of the body parts you are working with–using a “big word” to sound educated is a “No from me.”

Sorry, not sorry to sound a bit harsh…but in our age of video-everything, it’s so hard to learn that one nugget of information from anyone if you are distracted by their incorrect techniques or misinformation. Don’t be that person.