Do You Stand Behind Your Work? [A Rant]

Standing behind your work means doing a great job and making sure all you promised is truly delivered. That. Is. All.

Standing behind your work means doing it right. This means being present in your work. Paying attention. Using fresh products. Using correct techniques. It means taking care.

You should manage client expectations right from the very first contact. You communicate clearly what you can do and what their expectations should be. You negotiate a price for your knowledge, skill, time and products. You never promise “perfection”…you promise “better.” You never “pitch heat” as an old sales weasel once taught–you never use terms that lead your client down the road of unreasonable expectations.  The lashes are NOT going to make you look just like Kim Kardashian. This skin care treatment is not going to change the shape of your face. These brows are not going to be Insta-brow perfect. But you tell them your work is clean and will uplift them and help them be their best version of themselves…not of someone else.

If you do it right, then standing behind your work means you have a happy client who received good value for the money they paid. It means honoring the relationship you form with them. It means integrity. It means you sleep well at night because you are not battling the demons of “I shoulda, coulda woulda.”

Standing behind your work does not mean “I will give you something for free just because you complain.”

–It does not mean refunding…ever!

–It does NOT mean giving any more than you were paid for!

There is nothing dishonorable about standing firm with “The work was done, the products were used, my time was spent….I need to be paid.”

If you do it right but they don’t take care of it, that’s on them.

  • If they fail to follow aftercare.
  • If they do not purchase your recommended products.
  • If they engage in activities you tell them will have an adverse affect on their outcomes…

…THEY have to stand behind their behavior. Not you.

If your client comes to you saying s/he’s unhappy…you troubleshoot. You ask questions. You see what could have been different. If you don’t do it right, or some product you used lets you down, then you make it right. You know when you goofed! Or you should! You re-educate the client on their responsibilities. You try another thing. You do it again if you discover you missed something. We all have bad days….own them. And fix it. THAT is standing behind your work.