Safety Training for the Beauty Industry

New Practices for a New World

This Safety Training program is meant to be a comprehensive review of safety awareness and protocols for all working professionals who provide beauty industry personal services. From Cosmetology or Barbering licensed practitioners, as well as those ancillary service providers such as Makeup Artists, Spray Tan Artists, Hair Removal Specialists and others…to body workers such as Massage Therapists, Energy Workers and more, if you provide a personal service to your clients, you will benefit from this course.

Module 1  Introduction and Course Rationale

Module 2 Work Practices and Engineering Controls – Working safely has two elements that need your attention and constant review. Am I doing things in the safest manner? Do I have everything in place to protect my clients, my staff and myself?

Module 3 Infection Control – It’s a whole new world and our protocols need refreshing. State Boards of Cosmetology or Barbering and the other Boards that regulate Massage Therapy, Electrology and other companion services set up minimum standards written in different times and that vary widely from state to state. It’s up to the professional to supplement those minimums with practical working standards that keep everybody safe.

Module 4 Proper Use of PPE – Using protective equipment is mandated by Federal law though OSHA in every state in the U.S. You must know and use PPE correctly–in the past it was not so vital to understand the nuances of proper fit, wear and use as it is today.

Module 5 Client Management – When you set up a new way of working, you will have some push-back from clients. We discuss effective techniques for making rules that suit your salon culture and implementing compliance.

Module 6 Safe Salon Components – Implementing new safety practices can be overwhelming. We’ve broken it down into three components that can help you develop your concept of a “Safe Salon,” a “Safe Spa” and so forth.