Lash Artist Boot Camp – Vol. 4 – At Ease with Advanced Styling Techniques

Lash Artist Boot Camp – At Ease: Advanced Lash Artistry

At Ease is the fourth of several Presentations in the Lash Boot camp series – this module will focus on unique and exciting advanced techniques and introduce the concept of Bespoke Lash Couture – the art of creating detailed, exacting and unique one-of-a-kind lash styles.

Also, sometimes your clients present you with challenges – missing lashes, for example, and you will be glad to have these tools in your arsenal.  Advanced techniques discussed will include:

  • Styling and lash mapping
  • Volume lashes
  • Stacking
  • Capping
  • Lash bridging

A number of unique lash style choices will be discussed along with beautiful images provided by elite global lash artists.