Lash Artist Boot Camp – Vol. 3 – Duty Stations with Fills

Lash Artist Boot Camp – Duty Stations: Refills

Duty Stations: Refills is the third of several Presentations in the Lash Boot Camp series.

Refills are the bread and butter of a lash extension business. Setting up your lash fill policies and practices will help you provide high quality, consistent services for your clients. Topics discussed are:

A downloadable intake questionnaire and home care cards for your clients are included.

  • Prepping for a Refill
  • The Lash Process
  • Perfecting Practice
  • Troubleshooting
  • Booking for Success

Establishing a steady lash maintenance clientele can even out your income stream and create a regular paycheck – if you will.  Use these tips and techniques to create a sustainable career as a lash extension artist.