Fundamentals of Threading – Unleashed

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Fundamentals of Threading-Unleashed

Online Course (8CEUs)

Congratulations on making the decision to learn threading!  The techniques shown in the modules will introduce basic steps in the art of threading.  Threading is a unique process in shaping of brows and removal of hair and is a great alternative of hair removal to offer your clients.

This course will take you through the fundamentals of threading. The basic learning skills will be discussed in videos that demonstrate the various techniques you will need to successfully perform this service. This course will prepare you for the hands-on skills training program offered by Antoinette. She will ask you for a copy of your purchase receipt when booking her hands-on training.

You will also find some very helpful hints and guidelines to learn this skill in these videos.  This is a great alternative for hair removal to offer your clients. Slow motion action has been added to increase learning comprehension.

This course will present:

  • Techniques of hair removal from the face and brows using thread
  • A breakdown of 3 methods of hair removal; including slow motion action
  • Helpful hints to practice to make the learning curve easier
  • Downloadable manual
  • Instructional video to visualize and practice methods
  • Quiz to reinforce learning
  • Access to a private support group on Facebook
  • Direct support with Antoinette through messaging

This course is comprised of several modules which will take you through the fundamental skills to hair removal with threading. In order to obtain your certificate of completion at the hands on trainging, you will need to view the videos, pass the quiz and complete the Survey.

Important Note: There are 4 Modules in this course. All four (4) Modules will be necessary to achieve Certification and to qualify for the 8 CE hours.

After passing the quiz, you should be automatically redirected to the Course Survey. This survey is a necessary piece of the Certification Program–from it we will get the information Antoinette needs to prepare and mail your Certificate after hands-on traingin. We also use it to gather your valuable input so our courses are relevant and high quality.

In case you need the link at any time click here to go to the Serenity Suite Course Survey


Your Certificate of Training can be arranged directly with Antoinette. She will want you to complete this Fundamentals Training program online prior to booking your hands-on skills training.  Please Private Message Antoinette on Facebook through her personal account: Antoinette’s private facebook contact or email Antoinette at [email protected]

Editors’ Note: Ms. Haynes has worked very hard on this program to provide a new skill for your career. This course is password protected and only one person is granted permission to view the materials – the person who purchased the access. The content is proprietary and copyrighted and may not be used, shared, displayed or distributed by anyone without the express written permission of the owner. Group licenses are available by contract at [email protected]