Creating a List of Services

How to Create a List of Services That Will Make Clients Want to

Book a Service With You Regardless of the Price

Learning Targets:

This podcast will help you

  • Answer targeted questions about your desired client and how you will attract them.
  • Answer specific questions about yourself, your business and your vision for success.
  • Learn the calculations you will need in order to price your services for more profit.
  • Learn the words that will entice clients to choose your business over your competitors.

Prerequisites: None

This course includes:

  • An audio podcast – note taking is recommended (run time 1 hour, 9 minutes)
  • A downloadable and printable Workbook for your use
  • A 15-minute call with Lora to review your new List of Services after you’ve done the work
  • Access to Elite Estheticians Facebook group

Safety Training for the Beauty Industry

New Practices for a New World

This Safety Training program is meant to be a comprehensive review of safety awareness and protocols for all working professionals who provide beauty industry personal services. From Cosmetology or Barbering licensed practitioners, as well as those ancillary service providers such as Makeup Artists, Spray Tan Artists, Hair Removal Specialists and others…to body workers such as Massage Therapists, Energy Workers and more, if you provide a personal service to your clients, you will benefit from this course.

Module 1  Introduction and Course Rationale

Module 2 Work Practices and Engineering Controls – Working safely has two elements that need your attention and constant review. Am I doing things in the safest manner? Do I have everything in place to protect my clients, my staff and myself?

Module 3 Infection Control – It’s a whole new world and our protocols need refreshing. State Boards of Cosmetology or Barbering and the other Boards that regulate Massage Therapy, Electrology and other companion services set up minimum standards written in different times and that vary widely from state to state. It’s up to the professional to supplement those minimums with practical working standards that keep everybody safe.

Module 4 Proper Use of PPE – Using protective equipment is mandated by Federal law though OSHA in every state in the U.S. You must know and use PPE correctly–in the past it was not so vital to understand the nuances of proper fit, wear and use as it is today.

Module 5 Client Management – When you set up a new way of working, you will have some push-back from clients. We discuss effective techniques for making rules that suit your salon culture and implementing compliance.

Module 6 Safe Salon Components – Implementing new safety practices can be overwhelming. We’ve broken it down into three components that can help you develop your concept of a “Safe Salon,” a “Safe Spa” and so forth.


Lash Artist Boot Camp – Vol. 4 – At Ease with Advanced Styling Techniques

Lash Artist Boot Camp – At Ease: Advanced Lash Artistry

At Ease is the fourth of several Presentations in the Lash Boot camp series – this module will focus on unique and exciting advanced techniques and introduce the concept of Bespoke Lash Couture – the art of creating detailed, exacting and unique one-of-a-kind lash styles.

Also, sometimes your clients present you with challenges – missing lashes, for example, and you will be glad to have these tools in your arsenal.  Advanced techniques discussed will include:

  • Styling and lash mapping
  • Volume lashes
  • Stacking
  • Capping
  • Lash bridging

A number of unique lash style choices will be discussed along with beautiful images provided by elite global lash artists.

Lash Artist Boot Camp – Vol. 3 – Duty Stations with Fills

Lash Artist Boot Camp – Duty Stations: Refills

Duty Stations: Refills is the third of several Presentations in the Lash Boot Camp series.

Refills are the bread and butter of a lash extension business. Setting up your lash fill policies and practices will help you provide high quality, consistent services for your clients. Topics discussed are:

A downloadable intake questionnaire and home care cards for your clients are included.

  • Prepping for a Refill
  • The Lash Process
  • Perfecting Practice
  • Troubleshooting
  • Booking for Success

Establishing a steady lash maintenance clientele can even out your income stream and create a regular paycheck – if you will.  Use these tips and techniques to create a sustainable career as a lash extension artist.

Lash Artist Boot Camp – Vol. 2 – On Deck with Full Sets

Lash Artist Boot Camp – On Deck: Full Sets

On Deck: Full Sets is the second of several Presentations just for the Lash Artist who wants to build a loyal and successful clientele.

This volume is chock-full of tips and techniques which will help you establish an excellent lash service, beginning with full sets.   Topics covered include:

    • Ergonomic Work Space
    • First Contact
    • Client Intake
    • Prepping for a Full Set
    • The Lash Process
    • Client Education and Home Care
    • Booking for Success

Implementing these techniques and protocols in your studio will help set your practice up for success.


LASER Care by Nail Technicians

LASER treatments are becoming very popular as more people are aging and present with fungal nail infections. In some states, nail technicians may also become certified or licensed as LASER technicians and this course will be an introduction to the nail tech who wants to explore adding this skill set.

LASER Care by Nail Technicians

  • Gives background information on the components of LASERS
  • Discusses the protocols for implementing LASER treatments in your foot care clientele
  • Includes a video demonstration of an entire laser treatment

This Presentation will teach you higher quality techniques for performing more profitable services.

Brow Waxing with Hard Wax

Brow waxing is one of the most popular services offered in salons and spas, today. Not only is it an excellent stand-alone service that creates a clientele that return for maintenance, it is an wonderful add-on to a facial, nail or hair service. There are many waxing products available–this course uses a hard wax and each step is explained to insure the most successful brow waxing technique.

The course includes several downloadable templates you can customize for use in your salon or spa.

Fundamentals of Threading – Unleashed

Welcome Serenity Suite Skin Care Training!

Fundamentals of Threading-Unleashed

Online Course (8CEUs)

Congratulations on making the decision to learn threading!  The techniques shown in the modules will introduce basic steps in the art of threading.  Threading is a unique process in shaping of brows and removal of hair and is a great alternative of hair removal to offer your clients.

This course will take you through the fundamentals of threading. The basic learning skills will be discussed in videos that demonstrate the various techniques you will need to successfully perform this service. This course will prepare you for the hands-on skills training program offered by Antoinette. She will ask you for a copy of your purchase receipt when booking her hands-on training.

You will also find some very helpful hints and guidelines to learn this skill in these videos.  This is a great alternative for hair removal to offer your clients. Slow motion action has been added to increase learning comprehension.

This course will present:

  • Techniques of hair removal from the face and brows using thread
  • A breakdown of 3 methods of hair removal; including slow motion action
  • Helpful hints to practice to make the learning curve easier
  • Downloadable manual
  • Instructional video to visualize and practice methods
  • Quiz to reinforce learning
  • Access to a private support group on Facebook
  • Direct support with Antoinette through messaging

This course is comprised of several modules which will take you through the fundamental skills to hair removal with threading. In order to obtain your certificate of completion at the hands on trainging, you will need to view the videos, pass the quiz and complete the Survey.

Important Note: There are 4 Modules in this course. All four (4) Modules will be necessary to achieve Certification and to qualify for the 8 CE hours.

After passing the quiz, you should be automatically redirected to the Course Survey. This survey is a necessary piece of the Certification Program–from it we will get the information Antoinette needs to prepare and mail your Certificate after hands-on traingin. We also use it to gather your valuable input so our courses are relevant and high quality.

In case you need the link at any time click here to go to the Serenity Suite Course Survey


Your Certificate of Training can be arranged directly with Antoinette. She will want you to complete this Fundamentals Training program online prior to booking your hands-on skills training.  Please Private Message Antoinette on Facebook through her personal account: Antoinette’s private facebook contact or email Antoinette at [email protected]

Editors’ Note: Ms. Haynes has worked very hard on this program to provide a new skill for your career. This course is password protected and only one person is granted permission to view the materials – the person who purchased the access. The content is proprietary and copyrighted and may not be used, shared, displayed or distributed by anyone without the express written permission of the owner. Group licenses are available by contract at [email protected] 

Pediciures with Electric Files


Electric files can be the most productive and safe way for callus reduction, nail shortening and smoothing.  Includes video demonstration of various techniques you will need to know for using an electric file throughout a pedicure service.  The proper use of an electric file can be more comfortable for your clients and ergonomically beneficial to you, as well.

Pedicures with Electric Files

  • Gives background information on the components of electric files
  • Discusses the various bits and when they are appropriate
  • Demonstrates several necessary techniques you will need to know

This Presentation will teach you higher quality techniques for performing more profitable services.

Safe Salon® Concept Certification Course

The Safe Salon® Concept Certification Program is all encompassing–all professionals and support staff in the salon or spa can benefit from incorporating Safe Salon training.

This copyrighted course consists of two Modules of learning needed to properly establish a Safe Salon and then to market your new training in a way sure to attract a new clientele—clients who are searching for a safe place to have their salon services.

Module 1 covers the rationale behind a Safe Salon and why it is so urgently needed in America—information that will aid you in communicating with not only your clients, but the physicians with which you hope to create referral relationships. Also discussed are the components of a Safe Salon and the Principles upon which the professionals and the facility must stand in order to claim the status of a Certified Salon®.

Module 2 explains the steps needed to “Go Safe”, what you must do and in what order to successfully launch your new Safe Salon Concepts. It gives you specific tasks to perform to properly introduce your new concepts in a way that will maximize the momentum you will create as you share this new education training and certification with your community.

The 25-question exam covers important terms, concepts, techniques and facts you will need as you shift your focus on this next level of achievement. Upon successfully passing the exam and completing the Certification process you will receive materials you can display to proudly declare your status as a Certified Safe Salon®.

The Certificate Packet is an additional $17.95 purchased through PayPal and can only be purchased by those who have completed the course and submitted a Course Survey. The Certificate Packet will contain a numbered, high-quality displayable Certificate ready for framing, special offers from our participating industry partners, a window cling you can place on a window or your door and a frameable plaque containing the components of the Safe Salon Concept that you pledge to follow.

In accordance with international intellectual property policies, once purchased, there are no refunds possible. Please be certain of your purchase.

Nail Technicians Working with Physicians

This course takes you through the steps of approaching a medical practice and creating various working relationships. As a safety-trained nail technician, one of your best assets is the ability to observe and recognize conditions that need to be referred to a physician. This program will take you through the consideration you will make as you reach out in your community to establish contacts in the medical field.

Or perhaps you are ready for a shift in your career? You might want to work in a medical practice helping people with cosmetic foot care, whether as an employee or an independent contractor. This program takes you through the necessary steps to give you the best possible success as you introduce an innovative and new-to-physicians cosmetic service in their medical practices. All the steps from approaching the medical practice, to interviewing, negotiating your compensation and what to expect when you show up for work are discussed. Checklists and timelines for both you and the physician’s or podiatrist’s office will keep you on track to successfully launching and building a much-needed service model.

Build Your Business – Build You!

Millie Haynam is a much sought-after beauty industry Guru who has helped many succeed in their salons through her classes, books, blogs and online educational programs. In this video she shares four concepts that will surely boost your bottom line…if you make the commitment to yourself to follow her lead. Read more

Salon Success – Subtle Marketing

12 Techniques to Incorporate Immediately into Your Daily Routine

(Many of which are free or very inexpensive to implement)

Chock-full of quiet, subtle marketing techniques that are proven to build your client base, this presentation is one of an ongoing series of “Salon Success” Presentations featured at Salon Gurus. Rather than “in-your-face” advertising, make sure your space and your carriage as a professional speak loudly in your favor.

These tried-and true techniques will increase exposure of your services both inside your salon and in your community and help build a loyal clientele. Ideal for those just starting out, or for those who are entering a new market.

Includes downloadable materials.


Lash Artist Boot Camp – Vol. 1 – Basic Training with Fundamentals

Lash Artist Boot Camp – Basic Training: Fundamentals

Basic Training is the first of several Presentations just for the Lash Artist who wants to build a loyal and successful clientele.

This first volume is a review for many and a way of establishing a common knowledge base before moving on to more advanced topics and techniques.  Topics covered include: anatomy and out-of-normal lash conditions, safe lashing practices and aseptic techniques, lash styling, discussion of adhesives and lash extensions available, Pre- and Post-Service care for your clients. An emphasis on aseptic techniques and working safely is key throughout the course.

A downloadable intake questionnaire and home care cards for your clients are included.