Count ‘Em All…Count All Your Blessings


As Featured in NASNPRO – November 2019 Issue

We’ve heard it said that “a moment of gratitude makes a big difference in your attitude’.  Let’s take a moment to think about why we pursue the aesthetic

When you think of it, one of the best perks of our industry is that we spend all day long making people look and feel better. They come to us stressed, hurried and knowing they need this care, but feeling guilty, they’re indulging in something for themselves. They leave recharged and refreshed and feeling pretty – even after a quick waxing! This is such a wonderful part of our daily lives. How many others must work where people are not made to feel better?

Then add to it that we function in positions of authority – we get to say what product to use, when, and how. Even if you are an employee on a strict protocol, you are in charge of the cabine and all that happens in that space; you are the authority. Working under our own impetus in a position of authority, we are in charge of making things happen. How many people in your community do you know have that kind of say-so in their work?

Yes, there are the unglamorous parts of our services—laundry and bill paying and dusting the shelves. These things support that pride of ownership, however. Whether you are an employee, booth renter or day spa owner, all the support activities lead to the ultimate payoff:  a client leaves feeling like a million bucks, and every time she thinks of her experience with us, she smiles and is grateful for her time with us. Not everyone is thought of fondly when their clients and customers leave.

Then there’s the expense of all the many things we must keep on hand. Wipes and swabs and so many things. Applicators and lotions and potions, oh my! It seems our business shopping is endless—just when we get stocked on products, we’re out of disposables. The guilty secret of our industry is that we actually love all the little bits and bobs. Don’t you enjoy finding the exactly right thing to use for every service? Not many people have the luxury of choosing tools and implements for their work.

One of the things that sets our industry apart is the absence of an 8 to 5 grind. (I would have said 9 to 5, but in my former career in business, I was never allowed the luxury of starting work so late in the morning!) One of the best parts of a career in aesthetics is being able to work in tune with our own internal clocks. This industry’s flexibility allows us to see to our children and pets when we need to. We can structure our weeks to suit our lives. Many of us never punch a time clock, though some do; but even with a time clock, the schedule is usually flexible when we need it. There are many who work within strictly rigid schedules with no allowance whatsoever for life’s happenings.

We often advise our clients to take a few moments for themselves. We should do that, too, and think about all the many reasons we should celebrate and be grateful for the work we have. Skills we can take with us wherever in the world we go are priceless…and even more so when they afford us so many pleasurable aspects of our work. Find your gratitude…and elevate your attitude.