Cosmetologists at Risk to Lose Their Credentials

If you are an Esthetician, Nail Technician, Hair Braider or Body Wrapper, your credentials are being stripped away! In Florida there are three Bills under consideration to reduce the training needed for cosmetology services–or to deregulate them entirely!

Three Bills Under Consideration in Florida

These Bills are part of a nationwide agenda of deregulation that is racing across all states, so it is bigger than us cosmetologists. We need to band together and let our legislators know in NO uncertain terms that Cosmetologists are different than Auctioneers and Yacht Brokers and Interior Designers—we are laying our hands on people in personal services and we should NOT be lumped in with other non-personal services.

Cosmetology is different!

Take a few minutes to contact your State Legislators and tell them deregulating services in which their voters’ bodies are directly affected is not a good idea!

In Florida, here is the list of your State Senators:

Your Florida State Representatives are found here:

Similar lists of other State Legislators are available by simply searching out your state’s Senate and House links.

  • Your License could become worthless.     
  • Any Jane/John Doe could now do your job.
  • You will not be able to work in another state without completing their program.
  • Your clients are now at risk of getting hurt by untrained practioners.
  • No insurance company will cover untrained, unregulated professionals.

Take a few minutes to write your Legislators…

Your Clients Deserve It!  Your Career Demands it!