Zen Ashtanga Bed Yasa

Welcome to The Zen Institute Advanced Training!

This course is an instructed self-care course

You will need to be in comfortable clothing that stretches, and have a bed available with no linens that obstruct your movements.

To start the course, click the “play” icon at the lower left corner of the video screen below. There are two videos, below.

After viewing the introduction, proceed on to the next video. Enjoy!

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Zen Ashtanga Bed Yasa

Zen Ashtanga Bed Yasa – “Bed Yoga”

Self Care Course 

Learning Targets:

By the end of this self-care presentation each student will understand how to perform a routine of targeted and assisted stretches to:

  •  Release tension in large muscle groups
  •  Restore balance within your body
  •  Increase flexibility and circulation

Prerequisites: None

This course will present:

    • High definition instructional video
    • Voiced instruction that can be started and stopped as needed
    • Benefits of yoga stretches
    • Technique tips